About KLA Group

Almost half century ago, the seed was sown, nurtured, with dedicated and caring hands, aided with latest and best inputs which leads to the realization of a dream planted by Mr. Kundan Lal Agarwal, a visionary who always lead by example and thus a journey started, a journey called ...... KLA where growth is a part of life.

KLA started its journey with rice export business. The journey of KLA epitomizes that of a tree which continues to grow and spread its branches bearing fruits year after year in a domestic as well as international arena. Today KLA has diversified into different sectors like fruits & vegetable processing, other agro products like sugar, maize, soy bean meal, sugar bean and minerals like iron ore & coal.

KLA the Genesis

The journey of KLA Group started at a place which boasts to be the harbinger of green revolution. The core idea for setting KLA India Public Ltd was to promote rice industry which in turn would be beneficial for the Himalayan and Terai region of Northern India. Thus the organization which was built on the pillars of determination, dedication & foresightedness came into picture.

Our Vision

Through aggressive exposition and diversification into related products, we look forward to defining new benchmarks in premium quality of rice production, processed food products and streamlining mineral industry by our growth philosophy, integrity and dedication to conform to a work environment that cherishes enduring relationships with our business partners and workforce.

Our Logo

Two green leaves:-Symbolize the agriculture & sustainable development.

Orange colored circle: Symbolizes the rising sun

The logo epitomizes the mission of KLA to have sustainable growth with values and to take it to new horizons.