Farming in Mozambique

• Farming and Food processing is the best way to alleviate poverty and create jobs.

• Mozambique has got suitable land for farming and has semi trained manpower, electricity and supportive

Perfect Partnership

• KLA Group has got an experience of 3 generations in the field of farming and is a leading exporter of rice from India to
   South African countries.

• We have been exporting rice to South African countries for last 20 years and understand the geo- political situation with     support of local government in Mozambique.

• As Mozambique has got right resources and KLA group has got right team to direct them how to grow paddy in their    own field.

• KLA has started cultivation and it will be scaled to 10,000 hectares in next 5 years.

• Apart from this KLA will connect the markets of Pigeon Peas and Mung of Mozambique with India.